"The Insight"

The Insight to Islamia Girls' Schools BBC School Report


We are students from Islamia Girls' Secondary School in Brent and this is our blog about what we have come up with and all our ideas and information on what we do weekly.

The idea of our name 'The Insight' was brought up by Hiba, our project manager, as she thought that it showed that our group was going to give the community a deeper understanding of our topic. Next came the concept of our subject, which was voted by all members of the group, which is  'Incidents on Public Transport in London' as we thought it was a very important and serious issue that needed to be addressed to the public.

We are very close to finishing our school report. It was a pleasure to have met Dawn Butler, MP of Brent, at parliament and interview her. On Tuesday 8th March 2016, the final report will be finished.

Meet the Team
Aleena - Writer
Farahnaz - Presenter
Hadiya - Presenter
Hiba - Project Manager
Khadijah - Writer
Naheed - Presenter
Nuha - Camera and Blog writer
Sadia - Camera and Blog assistant
Sara - Presenter
Shehzil - Presenter